GeChic 13.3"1306H Portable Monitor

FHD 1920 X 1080 with HDMI & USB-C video inputs,

Ultra-slim 0.35 inch, Ultralight 1.4 lbs

Single USB Type-C Cable

Reach Unlimited Efficiency


GeChic 1306H is equipped with a USB Type-C 

(Alt DP Mode) input interface.
With USB Type-C DP 1.2 version, the laptop or mobile phone transmits audio and video signals faster and more stably to 1306H by only one single cable

***Before connecting to the USB Type-C video cable, please confirm whether laptop’s or smartphone’s USB Type C port supports Alt DP Mode. 

Extra Light & Ultra-slim

Ideal Monitor On The Go

With 9mm in thickness and 670g in weight, it’s easy to bring GeChic 1306H to work from home or at a coffee shop

Deux ports d'entrée vidéo

Angle de vision large

Réduction de faitgue visuelle


Extra léger

Boost Your Productivity

Tired of switching between lots of windows?

Use GeChic 1306H as a dual monitor, make your work more efficient!

***For connecting to smartphone, please use 

USB Type-C Video and Independent power Y-Cable(Optional Accessory).

Share Together

Enlarge Phone Screen

Just use one single cable to connect 1306H with your USB Type-C smartphone

Share videos and pictures anytime and surf the Internet on a larger screen anywhere

for the most comfortable viewing experience

Try to connect GeChic 1306H

with different consoles

All of the devices with HDMI output are 1306H’s matches

Low Power Consumption

GeChic 1306H only requires low power consumption of 1.6A. By connecting laptop's USB port, you don't need to worry about not having wall outlet outdoors

More Flexible Cover Stand

The step-less stand at the back of the protective cover offers 40 to 80 various degrees as you wish

High Protection with Unique Cover Lock

Providing safety insurance with two removable cover locks










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