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GeChic Accessories

Multi-Mount Kit- 1102

The Multi-Mount Kit for 1102 series equips 4 VESA 75 screw holes and allows you to secure the GeChic 1102 monitor on monitor arm or wall mount. By screwing the bracing plate on, you can set up the monitor in 4 viewing angles. 


Suitable for: GeChic 1102 Series

Multi-Mount Kit- 1503

The Multi-Mount Kit for 1503 series supports the VESA100 industrial standard. It not only can be secured with a wall mount or monitor arm but also fasten with a camera tripod with a 1/4” screw hole. Furthermore, the Multi-Mount Kit enables three viewing angles via different screw holes for assembly.


Suitable for: GeChic 1503 Series

Stand 4

Use exclusively with 7”and larger touch panels for a firm support


Stand 4 can be adjusted to four different positioning angles. Non-slip leg cover design prevents movement when you perform touch actions. The large surface area design can disperse the force of pushing against the screen, thus the screen would not tip over. 


Suitable for: GeChic 1303 series

ecran portable

VESA 100 Kit- 1303

ecran portable

The Vesa Kit involves a sturdier aluminum case with magnetic strips front and back with screws (for added protective) to keep the 1303 series monitor to be installed on the Vesa arm or wall.
Photographers and Cinematophers wishing to use GeChic 1303 as a DSLR monitor could take advantage of the 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom of the new case allowing it to be screwed onto a camera tripod. This allows users to look at the screen from a higher vantage point rather than setting it on the table or holding it.
Users can also connect a Vesa Arm (not included in the package) to the Vesa Kit for more desk space.


Suitable for: GeChic 1303 Series

1101 Tripod Mount Kit

Extension Appurtenance for Tripod & VESA Arm


Tripod Mount Kit can be installed on a tripod cradle head's 1/4" screw hole or screwed to the hot shoes of a camera via a 1/4" screw-hot shoes converter.
Meanwhile, the 1101 Tripod Mount Kit also supports VESA 75. It can be screwed to a VESA 75 arm or wall mount. Even when need to use the 1101 on a desk, you can remove the Tripod Mount Kit easily within seconds.


Suitable for: GeChic 1101 Series

Proprietary HDMI-A and USB-A to dock port cable(1.2m)

This cable combines an HDMI video cable and USB power cable, which helps hide the cables behind the monitor. Just connect the HDMI-A & USB-A to the dock port cable on the rear port of the 1503A, 1503H, 1503I &1102 series, and create a clean working desk. 

Proprietary VGA Cable(1.2m)

VGA to Micro VGA cable


Applicable: all GeChic models except 1305H

USB-A to USB-C power and touch signal cable

Applicable: 1503A/1503H/1503I & 1102 series

Rear Dock

1503A, 1503H, 1503I and 1102 series equipped with a unique rear dock connector consisted of power, display, and system configuration signals at the rear side of the monitor. Rear Dock can be used in conjunction with a variety of HDMI compatible devices including laptops, gaming consoles, mini-PCs, compute sticks, and more.


Applicable:1503A, 1503H, 1503I, 1102H, 1102I

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