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GeChic 1303I 13.3" Portable Touchscreen Monitor

With HDMI, VGA, MiniDisplay Inputs

GeChic 1303I 13.3" Portable Touchscreen Monitor

FHD 1920x1080 with HDMI, VGA input, Mini-DP

Ultra-slim, Weight 2lbs, Build-In Speakers

Do you usually use two monitors (or more) in the office and need a second monitor when you're working at a coffeeshop or on the go? If so, GeChic 1303I is the perfect monitor for you. Designed to be portable, this 15.6" monitor starts up in seconds with its plug and play feature. No driver installation is needed. 


Designed for maximum flexibility and portability, GeChic 1303I is a lightweight touchscreen monitor with HDMI and VGA Inputs allowing you to use this portable monitor with your laptop, game console, camera, smartphone, mini PC, or other devices. 

Different From Other USB Monitors

HDMI monitors do not require drivers to use whereas USB monitors require a driver installation. USB monitors also use up a lot of CPU power to display the output whereas HDMI monitors do not. A built-in video chipset performs calculation on the monior instead of tasking CPU power like Display Link USB monitors. Most importantly, HDMI monitors do not lag whereas USB monitors have a mouse lag. 

Portable Gaming Monitor

With a 60Hz refresh rate, game on the game with absolutely no lags on your portable screen. Play Grand Theft Auto on your Xbox with 1920 x 1080 resolution for optimal play. Furthermore, the 178 degree wide viewing angle allows for two or more people to look at the screen without screen distortions or color bleeds. 


No adapters are needed to connect the portable monitor to your Xbox or Playstation. An HDMI to micro-HDMI cable is supplied in the box.


*Note: the portable monitor will not draw power from your game console. A wall adapter or power bank will be needed to power the display.

Capacitive Tocuh Technology

GeChic 1303I supports ten-finger multi-touch recognition allowing users to select, expand, quickscroll, handwrite, and draw on the monitor. This monitor is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Additional touch drivers for Android and Linux are available to download as well 


*Note: if you connect this monitor to a smartphone, camera, or game console, the touchscreen functions will not work.


Easily connect this monitor to your laptop and use it as a dual monitor. Mirror or expand your desktop real estate. This monitor is light and slim and could be placed horizontally on the table for easy writing and designing. If you're an artist, use a stylus with this monitor and turn GeChic 1303I into a drawing board. 

Multiple Connections

GeChic 1303I supports MiniDisplay Port, HDMI and VGA connections, allowing you to connect the monitor to all your devices.  Other than connecting this portable monitor to your camera, you can connect it to all your other devices such as laptop, smartphone, game console, raspberry pi.. etc.


*Note: a standard HDMI to micro HDMI cable and standard mini-HDMI to micro HDMI cable is provided in the box. The VGA cable and MiniDisplay port cable must be purchased separately.

USB Powered Monitor

GeChic 1303I is powered via USB (USB Y Cable). One USB port is enough to power the monitor, however we recommend using two USB ports for the monitor. If you are running an application that uses a lot of power, then two USB ports are needed. 


GeChic 1303I gets its video from the HDMI cable and the power and touch from the USB cable. The monitor can draw power from the USB cable from laptops only.






Mini HDMI Cable

Description: micro HDMI to mini-HDMI Cable (for cameras)

Color: Black

Length: 120 cm

Suitable for: all GeChic models

13.3" Sleeve


Description: 13.3" Protective Sleeve

Color: Black

Suitable for: GeChic 1303H, 1303i, 1302 models

Stand 4


Description: Silver Stand 4

Color: Silver

Suitable for: all GeChic models

VGA Cable


VGA to Micro VGA Cable

Color: Black

Length: 120 cm

Suitable for: all GeChic models

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